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To request a live training session, it is necessary for you to write a complete letter of introduction. This shall include your interests; experience in the scene, both positive and negative; your limits, and a list of the Mistresses you have served in the past. Be sure to include a complete physical description and any health concerns I should be aware of before we play. You may also include a list of things you have always wanted to try, but have never had the chance, as I enjoy taking people to new places. If you are a cross-dresser, include a brief list of your wardrobe items, if any. Please note that abbreviated letters which do not go into specific detail are not acceptable.

You may send this letter of introduction one of three ways: by email, to bmaenterprises@earthlink.net by post, to BMA Enterprises, POB 3911, Minneapolis, MN 55405, or by fax, to 612.874.7394. Be sure to include a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope (SASE) or return fax number to receive my reply.

*Please be aware that recent Spam filters have screened out my return emails. If you are able to put my address on your White List, please do so. If you do not hear back from me within one week's time, you may call to inquire as to whether or not I have received your communication. (612.874.0803)

You may also submit your information by phone, by appointment only. The cost of this call is $150.00, prepaid either by money order to my P.O. Box, or by credit card. My preference is for you to write your letter first, rather than call.

Once I have received your letter of introduction, I will look it over and send you details on how to book a session. I recommend at least a week's advance notice for bookings, longer if you are interested in an extended or weekend visit. As 95% of my clientele is based outside of the Twin Cities, many times I am booked with visitors weeks in advance. If you are unsure as to the timing of your visit, it is best to send along your letter now, so that I might have it on file the next time you call. While I specialize in sessions of at least four hours to overnight, I do offer sessions for as short a period as two hours. The exceptions are corporal-only sessions, which last for one hour.

I enjoy the thought of you squirming with excitement, awaiting my reply.

If you are visiting me for the first time, and wish to receive advance preparation instructions or discuss the session in detail, you may find a telephone consultation exciting and informative. What better way to build anticipation! Telephone consultation sessions are available by advance appointment only, and must be paid for prior to the session, either by credit card, or by post. Fees are as follows: $100/half hour and $150/hour. You may pay for multiple sessions in advance if you prefer. You may arrange the date and time of your appointment either by email (bmaenterprises@earthlink.net) or by phone.

To pay by phone using a credit card, call 612.874.0803 in advance. To pay by post, send a money order in the appropriate amount to BMA Enterprises, Post Office Box 3911, Minneapolis, MN 55405. After completing payment arrangements, you may call 612.874.0803 to schedule your phone session.


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