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You may contact Mistress Amanda Wildefyre via:

By email:  bmaenterprises@earthlink.net

By post:  BMA Enterprises, Post Office Box 3911, Minneapolis, MN 55405

By phone:  612.874.0803  (Central Time Zone)

Q: How does one write a proper letter of introduction?

A:  Include the following information:

Your name, age, height & weight
Describe your interests in the scene
List your past experiences, both positive and negative
List your limits, the things you are fairly certain hold no interest for you
List the Mistresses you have served in the past
Include pertinent health information, medications and physical limitations
List the activities or equipment you have always wanted to try, but have never had the chance.

If you collect your own gear, or have your own cross-dressing or latex wardrobe, I am interested in hearing about it.

Kindly limit all photo attachments to 1MB per image.


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