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Natural Healing of Fibromyalgia

So many people have written to inquire about my recovery from fibromyalgia that Iíve decided to write about the holistic methods I used to get well. Of course, everyoneís experience of disease is different, especially with one as complex as fibromyalgia, but I hope that the following information is in some way useful to those who seek a cure.

Fibromyalgia is a disease that has stumped both traditional Western and Chinese medical practitioners alike. It seems to consist of 20 or more separate and apparently unrelated symptoms, which sometimes appear and disappear on a daily basis. When making a diagnosis, my doctor showed me a sheet of symptoms, saying that if I had ten or more on the list, I probably had the condition. Thereís no specific test for fibromyalgia, as it is not a virus or bacteria. Some of the symptoms I manifested were: severe arthritic pain in the hips, knees and feet; sharp pain in the spleen; spatial disorientation and dizziness; extreme tiredness; insomnia; smelling strange odors where none apparently existed; confusion; depression; and a low-grade fever that did not respond to antibiotics, and persisted for months.

A close friend had done unsuccessful battle with the disease, bouncing from doctor to doctor with no improvement. My own doctor warned me not to participate in any drug trials, as the side-effects were more unpleasant than the symptoms I was already suffering. Similarly, the information on Chinese herbal treatments warned of nasty complications. I felt like a walking corpse most of the time; I certainly didnít want to feel worse! Throughout my experience with fibromyalgia, I never used any painkillers or sleeping pills Ė in fact, I was strangely fascinated with the sensations my body was giving me, and, as with so many things, this fascination led me to get creative with my cure.

By some stroke of luck, I had been reading and studying the works of Caroline Myss, a well-known practitioner of a new field called Energy Medicine. Myss teaches that the mind can create illness through a kind of etheric or spiritual malcontent, or through an overly-developed attachment to negative experiences or people. On some level, I realized that in order to heal, I would have to shift my focus from realizing othersí fantasies for them, and take a deeper look at what kind of human I wanted to become. Myssís books offer many practical suggestions and exercises, and provide a potent stepping-off point to understanding the effects our beliefs have on our health.

By another stroke of luck, my favorite tarot card reader from Hawaii, Stephanie Giver, had just become proficient in Reiki, a Japanese form of healing similar to the laying-on of hands practiced by Jesus. At her suggestion, I flew to Hawaii and spent a month receiving daily teaching and healings in this now-popular technique. For the first time in almost a year, I was pain-free for days at a time. Once I returned home, I was able to give myself regular healings to reduce pain and finally get a good nightís sleep.

While in Hawaii, Stephanie introduced me to Natalie Kawai, a spiritual healer who helped me confront some of my most challenging assumptions about life, health and happiness. Like Caroline Myss, Natalie is a medical intuitive, able to see and interpret a disease and its cause from an energetic, or etheric, standpoint. I studied and received weekly energy healings from Natalie, and commenced a two-year practice of daily one-hour meditations. During this time, I also completed The Artistís Way, a book on unblocking your creative potential, and tentatively began my study of aerialism.

Thanks to Natalieís encouragement and direction, I slowly changed my diet to eliminate allergens such as potatoes, wheat, dairy, chocolate, sugar, alcohol and tobacco. I completed several detoxification regimens and switched to organic foods. And I learned to take simple pleasure in sunsets and playing in the dirt.

I was largely free of symptoms in two yearsí time. During the course of my illness, I received a grant to perform an autobiographical play at a local theater, become a trapeze performer and instructor, planted a beautiful rose garden, and raised a wonderful dog that brings delight to young and old alike. Despite my illness, many people continued to believe in me, and help was always there when I really needed it. I was also able to keep my house and my beloved studio intact.

Today, I have a much more rewarding and interesting life than prior to my illness, and Iím also much healthier and happier than Iíve ever been. Healing may, in essence, not require anything beyond the sincere desire to discover more about life. There are so many alternative methods of healing out there, youíre sure to find a couple that set the wheels of health and good fortune spinning your way.

Feel free to copy and distribute this essay, with or without crediting this source, to anyone you feel might benefit.

Mistress Amanda Wildefyre October 2004

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