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Visitors to my clean and spacious Castle Diabolica, are greeted by a space-age array of suspension, leather, and rubber bondage equipment. Awaiting your visit are bizarre and rare electric stimulation and torture units, handmade floggers, canes and paddles, a complete leather pony costume, a cage mounted on an eight-foot platform accessible only by ladder, and a mountain of other rare fetish paraphernalia one might not expect in Midwestern surroundings.
By many accounts, I am one of the world's most avid collectors of bondage gear; I am especially proud of my leather bodybag, armbinder, fistmitt, straitjacket and hood collection. Much of my equipment has been custom-designed to my own specifications and produced by the world's finest manufacturers, Fetters/Mr. S and Demask Rubber of Amsterdam. Not since Houdini have escape artists faced a more daunting challenge.
There are infinite ways to suspend the human body. As a bondage engineer, I plan to tinker with the form, and explore them all. One of my greatest delights is taking an average American male - 6'0", 240 lbs, never seen the inside of a yoga studio - and making him levitate. Once rendered helpless, hanging mid-air, he might hope never to hear the following words emerge from my smiling lips: "Hmm...I have an idea!"
My exhaustively well-equipped medical room includes an examination table with stirrups, a rotating traction bed, an orthapedic surgery table, a hospital foot-pedal sink and an electric birthing chair. Clinic scenes may involve thorough examinations, enemas, catheterization, and so much more. Nurse role-play runs from nurturing to nasty, depending upon the severity of your affliction; enema-nurse discipline using my colon therapy pump is always effective. Asylum patients and other reluctant subjects will be forced to endure their treatments while restrained.
Of course, not all patients respond to localized stimulation. Some require multi-day therapy sessions involving straitjacket confinement, sensory deprivation, hypnotic suggestion, control of bodily effluences, or even a torture-filled night in the randomly-programmed Electro-Orgasmatron. I have been known to employ "Nurse Harvey's Wet Sheet Pack" on those likely to attempt escape. The traction bed also features a canvas restraining sheet based on a design from a 1950s-era sanitorium.
I am naturally predisposed to enjoy absolute control. To this end, I have spent years combing the world for the most beautifully crafted restraints available. I am especially proud of my leather bodybag, armbinder, fistmitt, straitjacket, posture collar, and hood collection, followed closely by my wide range of latex. My favorite pieces of equipment have been custom-designed to my specifications, and were produced by the world's finest manufacturers: Mr. S/Fetters of London and San Francisco, and DeMask Rubber of Amsterdam. Nothing pleases me more than the human body, bound and suffering under my command.
Over the past ten years, I have developed a number of unusual bondage and immobilization techniques which are unique to my practice. In predicament bondage, the subject is tied so that any movement on his part increases the restriction on intimate parts of his body - which is amusing to me, and quite frustrating to my victim. My bondage table, cage, spanking bench, St. Andrew's Cross, and even my dungeon floor have been designed for inescapable immobilization. Other fascinations include intricate rope bondage, inverse suspension and erection control.
The wardrobe and salon room for TV transformations includes all manner of street and fetish partywear, silicone breastforms, Victorian lingerie, large size high-heeled pumps and thigh-high boots, corsetry, wigs, makeup and false eyelashes, maid training uniforms in rubber, PVC, and leather, and satin dresses for naughty "little" girls. Some will require a trip to see Nurse Amanda for a very special gynecological exam. I especially adore "Sweet Gwendoline" or "Betty Page"-style fancy rope bondage for restraining my libidinous cross-dressing vixens. For advanced candidates, I have arranged elaborate public outings to purchase clothing, dine in a restaurant, or enjoy "Girls' night out" at a downtown nightclub. I also have friends in the salon world who are pleased to provide "forced" facials, long acrylic nail manicures, hair extensions, ear piercing and bodywaxing to my clients in the privacy of my studio.
Latex was one of those happy surprises for me. My first experience with latex, of the powdered and cheaply-molded variety, was not impressive. It was not until I was introduced to DeMask rubber, and the silicone dressing aid ID Millenium, that I become not just hooked, but obsessed. Luckily for me, latex is also beginning to catch on with my slaves, particularly TVs.
The process of dressing and binding someone in the delicate and sensual medium of latex is fascinating to me. My collection includes bodybags, stockings, gloves, corsets and straitjackets to fit almost any size, as well as a number of inflatable hoods and catsuits.
Flowers from Miss Bertha in Minneapolis are among my favorite things. She is always generous and does a beautiful job. Order a seasonal bouquet by phone at 1.800.464.8238, and have them held for pick-up under "Amanda Wildefyre" with contact number 612.874.0803. I prefer to pick up my flowers in person at her store at 2100 Nicollet Ave. Or, swing by Miss Bertha's Floral on the way to your session for a nice surprise.
Where other areas of my practice focus on control, here I emphasize thorough discipline and forgiveness. My strong spanking arm, stern demeanor and long attention span make for satisfying results. I have a large collection of canes, paddles, straps and whips, and enthusiasts in this arena will find themselves subject to a barrage of both physical and verbal flagellation. While I have no qualms about throwing subjects over my powerful lap, I am also pleased to use my newly-designed spanking bench to restrain and break even the most stubborn brat.

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